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Off-line Video editing

If you have footage various sources you wanted shaped into a video film I can work with you to edit it into a viable short film. As long as the production footage is of reasonable quality a lot can be done to turn it into an effective film for specific purposes.

Music Video
"I've Got a Beard", The Captain's Beard, 2016

This is the first music video produced by us for this Brighton based band. I receiving the production footage for this film shot on i-phones and shaped it into the film you see here before passing it on for grading.

For more information and costs please contact me.

Video editing

Another example of received footage shaped into a video film with additional sound and titling added.

Brighton Mass Sleepout 2013

This example shot is from August 2013 when Brighton Benefits Campaign organised a sleep out in the Old Steine, Brighton as part of a national campaign to highlight the plight of homeless people and injustices in the benefits system of this country. It was filmed independently over 24 hours and then edited by me. After previewing the production footage I discussed with the organisers what they wanted from the film and explained possibilities before editing the final film.

For more information and costs please contact me.

Film Making

The pre-production and production of this film was done in one day which included planning, on site recces, basic training in camera and sound, how to approach filming a live event and basic editing. If you want something similar we can help organise and film your events.

Treat Us All The Same

Shot by groups of 12 year old students on their school travellers' awareness day, this film includes question and answer sessions, displays, a traditional Vardo (Romany caravan) construction of an original bender tent and conversations about Romany culture. Edited by Piera Anna Tomasi and produced by Barry Steer.

For more information and costs please contact me.

Web Design

I can offer you custom designed and coded web sites to a style of your choice, whether you are are small business, organisation or individual which includes consultation, building the site and making your site live. The price excludes image and text content and charges for domain names and hosting.

Click on the images to the left for examples of an artist's and public organisation's website.

For more information and costs please contact me.

Photo Editing

If you have photos, either hard copy or digital, that have scratches, stains or are torn I can repair them for you digitally while retaining the original look.

Examples from pre-WW2 Photos

Look at the two old photos on the left. Both had tears, bubbles and various scratches with light interference and speckles. The before and after show the improvement while still retaining the feel and mood of what can be very personal mementos of the past, or present.

For more information about what can be done for your old photos please contact me.

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