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Specialist Drama, Theatre and Performance Arts Workshops

I can offer a number of workshops custom designed to suit your needs and enhance your students' experience of Drama, Theatre and Performance Arts. Two of the more popular are listed below but I can also help you with Forum Theatre, Physical and Non-naturalistic and Brechtian method.

Please contact me for more information.

Mask Making and Use

I have taught mask making and use to professionals, and students for many years and can take you through the process of how to make masks from the design stage; to making life casts; to making half or full masks, using either papier mache or celastic; to using neutral mask for movement ananlysis will be my first priority. We then go on to use naive masks as a preparation for masked comedy and the effective use of character masks.

With my experience of many different forms of mask use from Kabuki and Noh to the Commedia dell'Arte you can be sure of a valuable experience.

If you are interested in workshops please contact me for prices and individual needs.

Using Video in Drama

Shaky hand held shots or wide angled views from the back of your hall with random zooms? I have been organising and filming student productions since the '80s and can help you organise students film effectively, when it counts, on the night.

Filming performance involves careful planning good location management, a production team (of students) that has the confidence to know what its doing and careful editing to realise a professional end result.

Video can also be used in many different ways to enhance drama, from filming non-naturalistic works; to managing and realising narrative dramas on film; to using filmed projection in live drama. If you are interested in workships that cover any of the above please contact me.

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