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  2. I do wish press releases had screenshots and links to to sign into something and request keys, instead of 5+ pages of text. I know PR put a lot of work into that information, but when you get 20 in a day, the screenshots win!

  3. Having a 'get important life stuff done' day and Jenz and I nailed it! Chilling tonight, see you tomorrow Bajonians!

  4. Thank for stream! Crashed so hard in the last ten minutes, bread beckons !

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  6. botas Unisex caño adulto gris de XIGUAFR bajo

    Sometimes I feel weird tweeting out stuff like this, but also you have to promote yourself right? Plus who wouldn't want to spam my face all over chat? Right?

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  7. !subtember is live! If you were gifted a sub in my channel last month, you can now resub for $1 BUT old mate Bajo gets the full share from Twitch! Thank you for considering, I never thought we'd hit such goals. It's helped Jen and I more than you know.

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  8. Second round of PAX Bajonian Boogaloo tickets will go live at 7:30pm again tonight! Announcing Spooderman PS4 pro winner tonight on stream too! I'll go live around 7pm!

  9. I believe Subtember is live today! If you were gifted a sub to my channel last month, you can now resub for $1 but I still get the full share. Thanks for your consideration, all proceeds go towards scones and massages.

  10. Last night I crowd funded $300 worth of pants. I hate pants shopping so much. Thanks guys! Excited for pants.

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    9 sept.

    “I like the way Snrub thinks!”

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  13. Live in 5 coffee, chats, more spooder, I am not using a walkthrough stop asking oh dear

  14. Stream 8pm AEST!

  15. 9 sept.

    Streaming more spooderman tonight! Also last chance to enter the comp to win a limited edition Spider-Man PS4 pro and game. Details by doing !giveaway in my twitch chat! Good luck everyone, I'm loving the entires

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  16. Oops mistake on my schedule. Sorry, day off today. I am in bed covered in cats. See you tmrw

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  18. 8bit has been destroying our sleep lately in the morning. Two days with this auto feeder and she has stopped. Highly recommend. It’s the least shit out of all the shitty feeders.

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  19. I shall be getting a third party to judge the Spider-Man comp to take Jenz and I out of the equation. Good luck :)

  20. Congrats ! Spider-Man is so good. In love with the fluid combat especially

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